Wüstner Brothers Honey

Montana Raw Honey // unheated & unfiltered


Our beehives are isolated in the creek drainages of the Sapphire Mountains just south of Missoula, Montana. The vast majority of the land surrounding our hives is owned by the Forest Service and The Nature Conservancy allowing our bees to forage on wild-growing plants in pristine natural areas. We work very closely with the owners of the land surrounding our hives to ensure that they implement best management practices for the benefit of our bees and other pollinators. Our bees forage primarily on wildflowers and knapweed that grow where pesticides have not been used. When necessary we treat our hives with USDA certified organic treatments to maintain the health of our bees.


We scrape the wax cappings of the honeycombs by hand with a scratching tool and use extractors to spin out the honey directly into jars without heating or filtering the honey in any way. This method of honey extraction yields a totally unprocessed product which maintains the high quality of raw honey fresh from the hive. It takes a lot more work to do things by hand without any heating or filtering, but we think it is worth the work for the delicious taste and myriad nutritional benefits that are otherwise lost in the conventional heating and filtering process of honey.


We offer raw honey in Wildflower, Knapweed and Clover varietals. In addition to raw honey we also produce raw creamed-honey and a line of hand-made beeswax lip balms. Our raw honey contains naturally occurring beeswax, pollen, and propolis, which contribute to the nutritional value and medicinal characteristics of the honey.


Wustner Brothers Honey is a family-owned and operated business founded in 2011 in Stevensville, Montana. Today Wustner Brothers Honey operates out of Missoula, Montana. Wustner Brothers Honey is a member of the Sustainable Business Council and the Western Montana Growers Cooperative.

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